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Abe’ s Final Masterpiece, A Symphony of Lessons for Business and Life.

“One of the great masterpieces of our time. Every person looking to create perpetual success has to read this book.”

Steve Agentis

President, Agentis Companies, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania


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This book relives the amazing opportunity that Mark was offered in 1998; something he couldn’t turn down with a man he had just met. It was an invitation to be mentored by an incredibly successful retired CEO in his home in New York City and to partake in a transference of knowledge that would cover two years. Wisdom and principles that transcend time and place and which will lead YOU to prosperity in all things, ideas and inspiration that we all need to hear over and over again.

“Mark’s two year journey with Abe made the 20 life changing symphonies (principles) so easy to understand and enjoyable to read. A timeless classic that will be read and used by future generations.”


Steve Schuman

Partner, Price Busters Furniture, Mid-Atlantic Region

“Abe’s Final Masterpiece” is a deep dive into the underlying principles, behaviors and attitudes that equal success in life and business. Mark Luterman has created a friendly, readable and relatable book that offers great insight and action plans for leading a more fulfilling present and prosperous future.”

Deborah Gallant

Founder & President, Bold Business Works, New York

“Every once in a while a book comes along with a powerful message, and shares it with you in a way you can understand and enjoy it. Abe’s Final Masterpiece is one of those rare books”



Brian Layne

Founder/CEO, DNA Life Bars

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