I don’t post too often about my kids, even though I’m very proud of both of them, but I wanted to use this example of my 16 year old son to show that anyone can created unlimited perpetual success starting with this one simple action.
You see, my son, Matt, is an avid and very good baseball player. At the end of 2015, during his sophomore year, I sat down with him to discuss the upcoming 2016 baseball season and what he wanted to accomplish. Now keep in mind that he has played the sport since he was 6 and is very passionate about succeeding and playing after high school.
His goals were as follows:

  • To start in the infield, either at third base or shortstop for the varsity team
  • To help the team win their first conference championship since 2008
  • And to be named All-conference, a somewhat rare feat for a sophomore

“Matt,” I said, “All your success starts with adhering to five simple steps. It is absolutely crucial you understand from the beginning that if you miss any one of the following five steps, any success you encounter will be fleeting.” And here they are:

#1: You must have a clear and defined purpose.
#2: You must create a well-thought out, organized action plan [or blueprint] to map out the action required to achieve your clear and defined purpose.
#3: The most powerful force in the universe is taking right action in the present.
#4: You must have an unwavering, burning desire and commitment to accomplish your clear and defined purpose.
#5: You must have an unrelenting faith and belief that you will accomplish your clear and defined purpose.

And when you put these 5 steps into play, you are rewarded with a bonus step, step 6, which is the secret to all success.
I then spent the next hour reviewing each of the 5 steps in great detail. When I asked if this made sense, he replied, “It does but how do I apply the 5 steps? Is there a particular format or process that works best?”

“Yes… there is a particular format which I refer to as ‘My Success Statement’ or ‘Success Contract.”
We then worked together diligently on his “Success Contract” and reviewed it every day until the season began. This review process left an indelible impression on Matt’s mind providing him with a clear and focused purpose.

A copy, along with an in-depth detail of the 5 steps and the bonus secret step 6 can be found in the book Abe’s Final Masterpiece” which Matt has read cover to cover.


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The result:

  1. He was the starting third baseman
  2. He helped lead his team to their first championship since 2008. See picture below (Matt is the one pointing-number 36)
  3. Matt was named to the All-conference team, batting an astounding .435 with an on base percentage of .580 along with many other terrific hitting and fielding statistics.

After the season, Matt was featured in several local media stories including this television segment on the TV show Inside Pressbox. Click on link for video below.

View the video here

We’ve now started working on a new “Success Contract” for the 2017 season and beyond.

Stay tuned.

Wishing you much heath, happiness and prosperity,