Illustration above from Mark Luterman’s 60 day Roadmap to A Lifetime of Wealth and Prosperity
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The above diagram is one of the most important illustrations you’ll ever see. Hang it in your office, put it in your wallet or purse or somewhere you can see it every day to remind you that being uncomfortable is great!

It’s great because it means you’re leaving your comfort zone in pursuit of success, prosperity, accomplishments, achievements or whatever you ultimately desire in your life.

As you can see above, everyone begins in the middle, in their comfort zone; a zone where you’re safe, where there is no risk and where growth is limited at best. It’s where the majority, probably 98%, stay their entire life and never experience the excitement of accomplishment.

Why is this?
Because stepping out of that zone brings fear, worry, self-pity and a host of other deadly enemies of success that most want to avoid. It’s brings about a feeling of uncomfortableness that causes nearly all to retreat. It’s why people quit upon the first sign of failure. And although being in your comfort zone may feel better for the moment it ultimately is the primary cause of stagnation and mental paralysis.

Success vs. ‘True’ Failure
Notice how I put the word ‘True’ in front of failure. That’s because there’s a huge difference. You can only truly fail when you quit and retreat. Failure alone is great. Every time you fail, you learn something new, which is knowledge. This ‘learning through doing’ is the tuition you have to pay in order to succeed. It is much better to fail forward and fast than it is to remain stagnant. When you fail forward, you’re actually succeeding in finding different ways to solve a problem. When you remain stagnant, you’re ultimately moving backwards.

There is a fine line between failure and success. Those who are successful see failures as an opportunity to learn something new while the unsuccessful see failure as a means to quitting.

What’s the Secret to Breaking through the Deadly Enemies of Success?
Courage; defined as a willingness to confront the deadly enemies of success such as fear, worry and distress and continue to move forward and persevere. To overcome fear you must have an unwavering desire to succeed. You must possess an absolute belief and unrelenting faith your goals and purposes in business will become a reality. When you combine burning desire with unrelenting faith, you own the ultimate recipe for success!

Choosing fear is just that- a choice. It’s a choice that stems from your thoughts and how you choose to use them. If you choose and desire to be great, you will. If you choose to be fearful and indecisive, you will not.

Remember, being uncomfortable leads to the road to success.