A Constant Currency

The one currency we all have is TIME. Regardless of wealth, health or other outside
circumstances, we all operate within the same time constraints. But, if you’re clued into some
key time management factors, time can become ‘plastic’ – molding it to your will- so it can
work for you, not against you. Mastering the art of time management will lead to great
productivity and wealth. Ignoring it will lead to stagnation and failure.

So, how do you slay the ever-present “Time Enemies?”

First, you have to identify WHAT the enemies are. Here are some you may recognize:

  1. Not having a clear and defined purpose/plan
  2. Dwelling on the past and mistakes
  3. Unfocused action
  4. Being a chronic ‘checker’ on Social Media
  5. Unplanned meetings/phone calls
  6. Over-scheduling

The off-shoots of these are more emotional and more subtle but just as deadly: guilt, pity, fear which leads to self-doubt and indecision.

Mastering Your Day
You must master the day and not allow the day to master you… which means taking control of
how your day progresses.

  • Peas before Dessert: Always do the most challenging task FIRST, then the intrinsic reward is
    built in- the easier tasks to follow by design.
  • The Roadmap: As I mentioned, without a clear path to your goals, you will drift off course.
    Create a plan that is do-able and has room for revision, which can be assessed every night, then
    make course corrections as needed. Built into the plan should be time set aside every day to THINK.
  • Critical Mindset: It’s important to learn from your past, take those lessons into the present, and then move towards the future. Dwelling in anything that you cannot change is lost time.
  • Full Engagement: While doing any task, be fully engaged in just that. It’s a myth that we can multi-task and do it well. Make every task count by doing it to your best ability.
  • Clear Boundaries: Many people fall into the trap of being a ‘people-pleaser’ and haven’t learned the art of saying ”NO!” This is critical in business because without defined boundaries and limits you will inevitably take on too much. [The last thing you want is not to deliver on your promise.]

Time is the most precious asset we have. Once it’s gone, it cannot be recovered. So why not make today the day you make every moment count?

Look at your day with a critical eye and see what can be changed, molded and manipulated to make time work for YOU!

You can find all my tips on conquering the ‘Deadly Enemies’ of time in my book, ‘Abe’s Final Masterpiece