This year I have released two books; Abe’s Final Masterpiece and the companion workbook.  It seems that is one of life’s universal aspirations for people to write a book; or more specifically- The Great American Novel. Some people think it’s easy; some people do not. As the summer reading season approaches, this is the perfect time to address a ‘secret weapon’ in business, and in life.

Whatever your perspective is on this; I encourage you to DO IT! Let me explain why…

The Benefits

Honestly, I cannot think of any downsides to writing a non-fiction, or even a work of fiction, to add to your ‘tool box’ in business. The benefits seem to have a cascading effect, too. Once it’s out there, more and more opportunities arise.

Here is the inherent value in writing a book; it will:

  • Give you credibility in your field
  • Delineate you as a leader/expert
  • Provide a teaching tool
  • Enhance your speaking career
  • Provide a source of passive income
  • Accelerate your career
  • Provide knowledge, or a unique perspective, to inspire
  • Create a lasting piece of work for your business/family
  • Create a special gift for clients/friends/family
  • Improve your writing skills/speaking skills


Rubber, Meet the Road

Inevitably, the idea is there. People have an IDEA for a book.

Have they started it? No!

Have they made an outline? Of course not!

Do they have the time? Maybe…


The ‘invisible forces’ that keep people from doing anything in life apply here as well. You will need to prepare and make a plan for the time investment that is ahead. But it is well worth it as this can be the best thing you’ve ever done and an amazing legacy!

Almost everyone can use some support in this process, whether it be ghost-writing, editing, setting up a document, a cover, a book trailer, or even just a coach to keep you on track. I have a team of people now at my disposal who can assist you in every stage of this process.

Here is a checklist of steps when starting from scratch:

  • Title, topic and genre
  • A weekly time schedule set aside to write
  • A WORD doc- page size, type style, etc…
  • Outline and/or chapter break-down
  • Foreword [written by someone else]
  • A co-author
  • Research, if necessary
  • Cover
  • Video Trailer
  • Marketing plan
  • Biography/Photo of you
  • Photos/Illustrations for the interior
  • A Create Space account, if putting it directly on Amazon[FREE]
  • Formatting for Kindle
  • Testimonials/Advance Praise/Reviews
  • Editing/polishing final manuscript

For more assistance on this please email me at and please check out Abe’s Final Masterpiece-A Symphony of Lessons for Business and Life available now at Your Success Store. I wish you all the best, a productive and fun summer!