stock-photo-mother-handing-key-to-daughter-135523697On October 7th, I turned 50. Yes; half way to 100. In the “old days,” 50 years old would have been the maximum life expectancy in 1912 for a man, but I am here to say, I feel as if I am just getting started! My main goal now is to pay it forward and leave a lasting legacy for generations to remember; pass on the knowledge that has been passed onto me.

In fact, this December, I am releasing a new book which embodies the very idea of leaving a legacy; Abe’s Final Masterpiece; A Symphony of Lessons for Business and Life. In 1998, I was the lucky recipient of a blessing; a man whom I randomly met at a wedding and who turned out to be a fountain of life’s principles. I drove to New York City every Saturday to meet with him, for the next two years!

As we listened to opera together, talked about life, history and music, I absorbed his amazing insights into life. Now, his story has become my story and I am pleased to be able to share just a few of his life changing tenants with you here:

a) Turn Over Every Stone- A constant search for knowledge and natural curiosity is a must in the quest to be the best version of you. The people who never stop learning are the ones that are able to pay it forward in a productive way.

b) Falling Among The Stars- Dreaming big and ‘shooting for the moon’ is a nice picture to paint. In truth, if you are aspiring to your personal best you will be falling among the stars.

c) Micro Seeds = Macro Crops- People have the idea that enriching the lives of others has to be done in a ‘big’ way. Really, all the tiny seeds, all the tiny things you do for people every day, will add up to massive results over time.

Stay tuned for more of A Symphony of Lessons for Business and Life, and in the meantime; I wish you all the best in your quest to become who you were meant to be!

As always, I’d really enjoy hearing your feedback so please feel free to leave a comment on the page.

Wishing you a life full of unlimited health, happiness and prosperity.

– Mark Luterman

Mark is the CEO of Primax Ventures, a company devoted to helping business owners around the country prosper and achieve their desired goals. He is a speaker, author, motivator, teacher and coach. He steadfastly believes anyone, with the right techniques and mindset, can create unlimited success. Mark has been hailed as the true “Small Business Secret Weapon” by business owners, partners, and associations around the country. An entrepreneur himself, Mark delivers practical and implementable actions that will generate positive results for any business.