Unlimited Success

As 2015 comes to a close, everyone turns to that ‘New Year’s resolution’ phase. We tell ourselves- ‘It’s going to be MY year!’ and ‘This is the year I change…’ But every year, the same thing happens; that initial enthusiasm turns to passiveness, even stagnation, after the first quarter. The good news is, you CAN change your life for the better and begin that journey to your fullest potential, however, the key lies in getting out of your own way. I am here to help you make the shift away from any dis-empowering beliefs and re-actions and into positive and proven actions.

The Twilight Zone

One day you wake up and you realize nothing’s changed! You feel like you are neither moving forward, nor backward. You realize that your decisions have not been ‘fruitful’ and fear begins to take hold. You become afraid to make ANY decision. You are now in [what I like to call] The Twilight Zone of Mental Paralysis; a place which is completely unproductive and is a haven for self-sabotagers.

Breaking Free

To unwind yourself from being ‘double-bound’ [or stuck], you need to employ some basic principles. This is a complex topic, so here are the first notes to a ‘symphony’ of authentic change:
#1: You must have a distinct and clear purpose.
#2: You must create a well-thought out, organized action plan [or blueprint] to map out the action required to achieve your distinct and clear purpose.
#3: You must take the right action in the present, the most powerful force in the universe.
#4: You must have an unwavering, burning desire and commitment to accomplish your distinct and clear purpose.
#5: You must have an unrelenting faith and belief that you will accomplish your distinct and clear purpose.

Taking The Lead

Yes, this IS going to require your attention. But taking the lead and claiming your choices is a big first step in any success story. It is one of life’s biggest deceptions [because you are fooling yourself] if you do not own every outcome. It’s okay to ‘fail’ forward; fail often and fast, learn from any mis-steps and move on. Only dwell in the past long enough to fully understand any lessons.

For more and a complete guide on how to achieve unlimited success, watch for my upcoming book; Abe’s Final Masterpiece- A Symphony of Lessons for Business and Life available soon at markluterman.com. I wish you all a very joyous holiday and a prosperous New Year!

Wishing you a life full of unlimited health, happiness and prosperity.

– Mark Luterman

Mark is the CEO of Primax Ventures, a company devoted to helping business owners around the country prosper and achieve their desired goals. He is a speaker, author, motivator, teacher and coach. He steadfastly believes anyone, with the right techniques and mindset, can create unlimited success. Mark has been hailed as the true “Small Business Secret Weapon” by business owners, partners, and associations around the country. An entrepreneur himself, Mark delivers practical and implementable actions that will generate positive results for any business.