What Stage Are You In? 
The Four Stages to Mastery

As I recently launched my newest book; Abe’s Final Masterpiece, I had some time to reflect on the importance of knowing
where you ARE in life; for without a clear picture of your point ‘A’, it is impossible to know your point ‘B.’ Over time, and
with some focused attention, everyone can become aware of where they are and where they are going. With that journey
comes change. Change of habits, beliefs and values in order to outgrow your point ‘A.’

The truth is, it takes just about twenty-one to twenty-four months to truly embrace new habits, patterns, beliefs and
values. This is based on The Four Stages to Unconscious Competency and the Trans-theoretical Change Model solidified
by Dr. James Prochaska in the early 1970s. Basically, both concepts result in the same thing; that humans learn and grow,
and achieve mastery, in a predictable set of stages that are universal. [My companion workbook addresses all of this and
the twenty ‘symphonies’ in great depth. See www.markluterman.com.]

Most of us live in the third stage of competency: Conscious Competency, which means we know about the topic/idea/skill
but we haven’t mastered it…yet! Dr. Prochaska’s model of change basically states that humans go through a five to six
stage growth period until they reach the top of the mountain and can remain there. It looks like this: I can’t, I won’t, I
might, I will, I am, and I still am. Again, most of us linger in the ‘I will’ stage but never take the action required to achieve
“I am” or higher.

This book will begin your journey to breaking through those stages and finally busting down those barriers which have
caused you to hesitate! As I take you through this life-altering story, I distill the concepts into 20 principles, [or
‘symphonies,’] so that you can see the progression and how they are all interconnected, as no one principle is more
important than the other.

If you are open to new ideas and philosophies, and are willing to PLAY BIG, you can move through the stages over time. It
doesn’t matter how much capital you do, or do not have, or how much education you possess. With the right mindset and
attitude, and sustained effort and commitment, you too can master these principles! I invite you to read for yourself –
buy the book through my website or Amazon– and begin with this first step to the rest of your life!