Want to Create a Lifetime of Wealth and Prosperity?

Go From Feeling Stuck And Fearful To

Optimistic And Confident.......

Alone On A Deserted Island To
Part Of An Exclusive Community..

Get Out Of The Weeds And

Stop Putting Out Fires

To Being In Control And Prepared

Just *$27.95 per month Guaranteed

No Long Term Agreements

And the best part ... 10% of your monthly investment, every
month, will be donated to various urban youth charities to
support inner city youth through entrepreneurial training. See P.S. at the
bottom of the page to see why enriching urban youth is so important to me.

Talk to your Accountant?

Join a few business Association?

sure,but you need a roadmap.

Here's the roadmap:
For the next 60 DAYS ou need to do just 3 THINGS :

1.Follow Your Prosperity U Workbook. You'll complete a different lesson every day—the 1st & 2nd lessons about 3 hours- then about 60 minutes a day—6 days a week. Every Action Step is designed to take you one step closer to creating a Path to a Lifetime of Wealth and Prosperity you'll begin to see by Day 60.

2.Take action! Use the lessons you’ve learned and apply them everyday.No stress. No guesswork.You’re mirroring the same method I used as detailed in my Amazon best selling book Abe’s Final Masterpiece.You’ll develop new habits, patterns, beliefs and values necessary for your company to thrive for many, many years.Each day, we will take each concept/strategy and break it down,turn into action and rituals giving you every possible advantage until these concepts become part of your life.

3.Think! Carve out twenty consecutive minutes a day to do nothing but think. We’ll show you how to use the POWER OF THINKING to reap what you sow; achieve what you conceive and become the ‘Master of your Fate’ and the ‘Captain of your Soul.’


  • A life full of unlimited wealth and prosperity
  • The right mindset and attitude
  • Relief from fear and worry
  • More control of your daily tasks
  • A feeling of community with like-minded individuals that can help you
  • Being prepared for future events
  • Feeling hopeful and optimistic
  • Feeling in control and not putting out fire after fire after fire…….
  • Having more energy and not always feeling lethargic and tired
  • Change that will last
  • A clear path to greatness
  • Success in all things

Any Other Business Solution And Here’s Why:

Prosperity U is based on a combination of life-altering principles and Mark’s 30 plus years of experience as a CPA, CFO, serial entrepreneur and mentor to thousands of business owners. Every lesson every strategy every action step purpose in molding your future to a prosperous one.

Prosperity u is time tested and proven...

The journey you are about to undertake is the same one Mark took with his mentor, a man he called Abe, who took him under his wing and passed on to him 20 invaluable principles that changed his life forever. Mark’s journey lasted 24 months, however this program is even more
Laser Focused
so you can quickly develop the tools and path to a Lifetime of wealth and prosperity.

Any Business owner or aspiring entrepreneur

Can succeed...

Please know that anyone, no matter how much capital they have or how much education they possess, with the right mindset and attitude, can be successful with Prosperity U.

The Secret:A willingness to get out of your

Comfort Zone.....

95-98% of all business owners fail because they’re paralyzed by the silent business killers, FEAR and WORRY...... leading to an unwillingness to leave their comfort zone

Prosperity U Helps You Rip Away

The Fear,worry,Stagnation And

Frustration Leading To The success

and Prosperity you deserve

Mark Luterman

CEO, Author, Speaker, Radio host, Founder of Prosperity U, Business Secret Weapon

When business owners need help they turn to Mark Luterman, hailed as the true Business Secret Weapon by business owners, partners, and associations nationwide.His proven methods get results for entrepreneurs who feel stuck, mentally paralyzed by fear with no-where to turn. Prosperity U was created to get you the same results his clients get and you can start immediately!

Here's What You Get When You Become A Member Of Prosperity U

Mark’s 60 day roadmap to A lifetime of wealth and Prosperity

You will receive this downloadable workbook immediately once you become a Prosperity U member. This workbook breaks down each day for 60 days and tells you what resources to choose from Mark’s library of tools (as seen below) and how to use them.

Mark Live!

Marks’ exclusive  monthly telecasts streamed live from CBS Studios brand new interactive music center. On demand videos such as: How to Inspire One to Buy Whatever You Want, Whenever You Want and Still Feel Great About It | How to Hire, Retain and Surround Yourself with Great Team Members-A Must for Future Prosperity ... | How to Create and Achieve Your Own Playbook to Success

Mark Live! The Audio Version

Feed your mind with these audio versions of Mark’s popular Mark LIVE! Livestream shows while driving, working out, relaxing or anytime that you are ready to learn how to prosper and succeed.

Mark Live! Playbooks

Downloadable hard copies of Mark’s monthly Prosperity U Playbooks How to Win. These playbooks are your entrepreneurial guides to learning how to win at everything in business. Playbooks such as: How to Win by Leading with Enrichment and Compassion | How to Win by Conquering the Deadly Enemies of Time | How to Win by Turning a Networking Event into a Herd of Raving Prospects

Your success statement and blueprint

As part of the first lesson you'll complete these to lay the groundwork towards your roadmap to success.

Decisional balance tool

Projections Template

A do-it-fo-you P&L and Cash Flows template to map out the future of your company and compare in real time to your actual financial results. We’ll take you step-by-step to make sure you understand .

Overcoming fear and worry

An audio recorded at CBS Studios which will teach you how to persevere and succeed through the most difficult and turbulent times.

Mark's prosperity on-the-go

1 to 2 minute videos teaching you invaluable lessons and tactics for business and life.

Abe's final masterpiece

The audio version of Mark’s best selling book which takes you on Mark’s two year journey that he condensed for you to complete in 60 days

Your days of feeling alone on a

deserted island are over. . .

Once you become a member of Prosperuty U, you’ll have access to our TEAM OF EXPERTS and COMMUNITY FORUM
Expert Advice on Technology, Social Media, Insurance, Health, Taxes, HR Issues, Website Hosting and Optimization and much more …
Your place to interact with Mark, his experts and business owners just like you.
Ongoing communication with our daily motivational messages and breaking news stories.

And Check Out this Special Bonus:
Your Own Prosperity Library Featuring All-Time Classics Such As:

And Many More . . .

All of These Incredible Resources and a 60 day step by step roadmap for just $27.95 per month.

What to do after 60 days...

What do you have to Lose?

Try this program and if you're not satisfied with your results within 30 days, simply email us for a full refund-no questions asked. And please know there is no long-term obligation. You can cancel your membership at any time through our website. I’m not worried though … I know once you become a Prosperity U
member, you’ll be hooked … just like all our other members.

And Remember … You are worthy and deserve the success you are about to encounter!!!!

Looking forward to seeing you in Prosperity U!


Mark Luterman, President | Mark Luterman Enterprises and Prosperity U!