amazon create spaceTo separate yourself in your industry, you must achieve expert status. One of the best and most successful strategies is to become a published author. On the surface, it seems difficult and tedious. And although it does require time, effort and commitment, it’s well worth it.

For those who are considering or are interested in this endeavor, I recommend self-publishing using a free platform, Create Space.

Create Space
When people discover that Create Space, Amazon’s self-publishing platform, is FREE, without exception- they are amazed! Now 7 years in, almost no one knows what Create Space is doing behind the scenes to level the playing field in publishing and digital content.

In 2005, two small self- publishing companies called Booksurge and CustomFix were bought by Amazon. In 2007, CustomFix changed its name to Create Space, and finally in 2009, both companies merged into one ferocious self-publishing powerhouse known as Create Space, changing the landscape forever in the world of publishing. It brings several essential elements to the public realm; speed- to- market, incredible customer service, reach, [185 countries], residual income at no cost, distribution and the opportunity to compete on a global scale.

When your title is published through Create Space and it sells on Amazon, Create Space takes 40% and you get 60% as a royalty. When someone buys your book from Create Space directly, your royalty goes up to 80%. With their 6 free expanded distribution channels to universities, libraries, other retailers, etc., their cut rises to 60%. On Kindle, your royalty is 70%. When you buy your own content back;[ ie., books you buy to sell at a book fair] is the ONLY time you pay for content on Create Space.

Most importantly, it allows the unheard voice to be heard, the unspoken word to be spoken, and artists everywhere to publish their books, CDs on demand, streaming video, and DVDs on demand with the largest retailer in the world behind them; Amazon! Another little-known fact is that Amazon owns, not just Kindle and ImDb, but other platforms as well. They own which allows people to create audio books, and Amazon Studios, also free to upload your scripts.

Create Space has created a ‘sea of content’, [mostly books], flooding the internet and book shelves everywhere. Amazon offers 32.8 M titles, 22.9M of which are paperbacks; a percentage of which are Create Space titles. Needless to say, with the privilege of getting your IP out there, comes fierce competition! However, in order to be a ‘best-seller’ on Amazon, you only need to sell 300 books in a day. And, if you are one of the people who sell 2000 books a month- you will be in rarified air- or in this metaphor- rare waters.

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Wishing you a life full of unlimited health, happiness and prosperity.

– Mark Luterman

Mark is the CEO of Primax Ventures, a company devoted to helping business owners around the country prosper and achieve their desired goals. He is a speaker, author, motivator, teacher and coach. He steadfastly believes anyone, with the right techniques and mindset, can create unlimited success. Mark has been hailed as the true “Small Business Secret Weapon” by business owners, partners, and associations around the country. An entrepreneur himself, Mark delivers practical and implementable actions that will generate positive results for any business.